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What is a virtual health associate and what tasks can they perform?

A virtual health associate (VHA) is an independent worker that can perform an all-encompassing variety of tasks such as medical scribing, insurance verification, prior authorization, scheduling appointments, taking phone calls, and any other tasks you may need them for. In hiring a VHA, providers are able to give up the burden of recurring tasks and give their patients the proper amount of care in which they deserve.

Are your resources HIPPA-certified?

YES! All our virtual associates go through required training, one of which being annual HIPPA certification training. Just like any other employee in your practice, your VHA’s will be held accountable to the same HIPPA standards and ethics. In addition to this, the Business Associate Agreements that all our VHA’s sign work to ensure that our clients are being provided with the appropriate privacy and security safeguards.

How do I know that my VHA’s computer is secure with proper safeguards?

Eleos supplies computers to all our VHA’s and takes the appropriate measures to ensure that all data-safety standards have been met. Once a VHA receives their computer, our IT team goes in to secure the device with the appropriate computer hardware and anti-virus software to prevent any possible data breaches. Some of these measures include centralized blocking of peripherals, USB access, printing, and Bluetooth to prevent the distribution of any information. As well, our IT team is constantly monitoring and filtering network traffic to protect against both internal and internal threats. However, in the case that there ever does seem to pose a threat, every computer has software installed to where its memory can be wiped out by the click of a button.

How do you recruit and vet your virtual healthy associates?

Our Latin American headquarters has a highly trained recruiting team that is constantly sorting through a large pool of pre-screened virtual associates and matching them up against your needs. Each of our virtual associates goes through a thorough screening and background check before moving on to be interviewed in-person. Only after passing the interview and displaying that they are fluent in English, are the VHA’s cleared to begin our on-board training process.

Do your VHA’s have work experience in the healthcare field?

All our VHA’s are college graduates coming from a variety of educational backgrounds, resulting in their ability to perform a wide number of tasks. While many of them have experience in the healthcare field, we also have some with backgrounds in fields such as accounting and administrative work. With a wide range of professional backgrounds, we can find a virtual associate best suited to your specific needs!

What training do your virtual health associates have?

Each of our virtual associates goes through a rigorous training process to ensure that only the best are available for your supplemental staffing needs. During this process, our VHA’s will learn and become familiar with the common functions of EMR systems, HIPAA compliance, and security protocols. By the end of the training, they are all required to pass an extensive test proving that they can properly and efficiently navigate around an EMR system.

Where do the VHA’s work from each day?

Our VHA’s work from the comfort of their homes in Latin America. We find that this offers the best availability and flexibility to always be available for your business needs. In addition, this incentive works to assist in the prevention of call-ins as well as help to boost employee retention rates. 

Do labor laws apply?

No. Because all of our virtual associates are non-US employees, your practice will not be bound to any US-implied labor laws. With this, you will never need to worry about legal liability towards your VHA. This is one more way Eleos Staffing takes the stress off your shoulders with our virtual associates.

How are their communication skills? Will communication be a concern when working with these non-US resources?

No. All of our VHA’s are English-speaking and have met certain verbal and written communication requirements during our pre-screening process. Not only are they able to communicate effectively in English, but being bilingual helps to better interact with Spanish speaking patients as well.

Is the difference in time zones going to be an issue when working with my VHA?

No. Our virtual associates are prepared to work during the business hours that you have set for them and have already been able to adapt to our time zone with no problem!

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